Refund Policy

We have 100% refund Policy provided you have to cancel the order before confirmation. Once the work has been started we can only do a partial refund and the amount for work done will be deducted.There will be no refund for projects which are delivered though after delivery till next 48 hrs from the delivery.
If your request for refund is made before the delivery of initial concept delivery, then you are eligible for a partial refund after deducting 10% of the project fee. Once the delivery of the project is done no refund requests will be accepted. All refund requests should be communicated to our support department stating the reason. has the sole discretion to take the decision on refunds.
As we have 100% customer satisfaction we will take feedback from clients at each and every step, so we encourage our clients to participate in those surveys or feedback sessions so that we can give 100% satisfaction.

How to claim your refund

  • Claim your refund specifying your concern by contacting us via any of the following two modes:
    Phone: +918882269611 or email us at
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